Student Relationship Management

We help colleges and universities manage admissions and enrolment for prospective students, including collecting student information, tracking receipt of application documents, and monitoring applications under consideration. This allows admissions representatives to coordinate follow-up with prospective students, and to ensure all data needed for enrolment is complete. Admissions directors can more effectively manage admissions teams, assign tasks, and monitor results.

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The Power of a Unified Education Platform

Empowering Universities in the three key areas of Marketing and Admissions, Student Services & Support and Alumni management.

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What does your educational organization need right now? Do you want to focus on student management? Modern communication tools with 24/7 access? Alumni and donor management? Microsoft and our vast network of partners is here to help you create a personalized solution.
Provide multiple, modern channels for students and alumni to interact with your organization. More efficiently manage high volume interactions, especially during critical times of the education lifecycle, while safeguarding student and organizational data.
Both Student Information Systems (SIS) and Learning management systems (LMS) can be used in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics to provide a better overall picture of individual students.
Integrated solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics can help you gain deeper insight into corporate and alumni relations, admissions and enrollment, facilities and asset management, recruiting and staffing, student and teacher performance, and more. As a result, you can use this insight to adjust business processes and to modernize legacy systems to help lower costs and improve productivity for better measurement and outcomes. Solutions for education built on Microsoft Dynamics provide the flexibility of deployment choice—on-premises or in the cloud—to transform the future.

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